Infotainment Reviews

2019 Mazda Infotainment Review with CarPlay

After years of waiting Mazda finally did it! Almost every Mazda sold in the last few years should be able to get the upgrade from the dealer to activate CarPlay and Android Auto support. In addition, 2019 model year Mazdas should start getting this feature from the...

2019 Acura Touchpad Infotainment System Review

Alternative input methods are all the rage for luxury cars and 2019 brings us a new one: Acura's "True Touchpad". The system is found in the all-new 2019 Acura RDX crossover and will be spreading across Acura's lineup as their models go under the knife for a refresh...

Toyota Entune 3.0 Deep Dive

Toyota's latest infotainment software finally supports Apple CarPlay! Android fans will be disappointed to hear that Android Auto is not available yet however. In this video we take a deep-dive into the system and cover most of the bases.

2018 Chevrolet Bolt Infotainment Review

Chevy's Bolt comes with an all-new and all-ginormous touchscreen infotainment system. Join me as we take a deep-dive into the in-dash system and the associated app.

2018 Honda Odyssey Infotainment and CabinControl App Review

Honda's latest infotainment system may look like the systems that have come before, but this one id built on Google's Android operating system allowing easier updates and more features. For 2018 Honda has also created the ability for...

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Infotainment Review

The new Prius Prime uses the largest infotainment and navigation system Toyota has ever made. The all-new system uses an enormous 11-inch LCD that supports multi-finger gestures and integrates the Prius' climate controls.

Pioneer AVIC 5200/6200/7200/8200 NEX Infotainment Review

Pioneer's latest after-market head unit offers all the goodies you'd expect in a modern car radio: CarPlay, Android Auto, DVD player, dual USB inputs, auto tuning to your car's acoustics and a snazzy touchscreen. I liked it so much I put...




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