2013-2014 Lexus LS 600hL Hybrid

The LS 600hL is the pinnacle of Toyota and Lexus engineering. It is the largest Lexus sedan, the brand’s most expensive model, the most expensive hybrid in the world and with the death of BMW’s V8 ActiveHybrid line it is once again the most powerful hybrid on sale. Yet the LS 600hL hasn’t had an easy time of things. The large luxury sedan has been lambasted for being the antithesis of green with an EPA combined rating of 20 MPG. With a steep price tag many claim the jump in price can never be justified. I too questioned the logic behind the LS 600hL at first, but then I spoke with someone who changed my mind. Before we dive in, let’s talk price. The 600hL starts at $119,910 and with all the options checked you land at $134,875. Without destination. Put your eye balls back in their sockets watch as we explore an alternate universe.
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