2015 Acura AcuraLink Navigation and Infotainment System Review

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If one screen is good, two must be better, right? My short answer is: sometimes. The standard two-screen system first debuted in the new Accord and is tweaked for luxury duty donning the AcuraLink name. The concept as explained to me is: the lower touchscreen handles the audio, freeing the upper screen for navigation and other tasks. My beef with the system is: you still need to use the upper screen to navigate your media device as the lower screen simply selects sources and changes tracks somewhat defeating the purpose of splitting the screens. Because of this split personality, and the fact that you have to use the touchscreen, and the knob/dial controller, and the button-bank to navigate the system, AcuraLink comes across as “not fully baked.”
Since my first experience with AcuraLink, the system has grown on me, and in the MDX the dual screens are very well integrated into the dashboard rather than looking like an afterthought as in the Honda. AcuraLink is without question snappier than MyLincoln Touch or Cadillac’s buggy CUE system. I find Volvo’s Sensus interface more intuitive, but you need binoculars to use the microscopic LCD so Acura wins easy when it comes to screen real-estate. The system isn’t as polished as iDrive or MMI but unlike MMI it includes full voice commands so it is a bit easier to use your USB or iDevice with the system. Mercedes’s COMAND system is getting old and comes in last in this segment.
Two screens might be standard on the base model, but navigation is not. Want maps? That bumps the price to $46,840 for FWD model and you add $2,000 for SH-AWD.
Acura also includes a very nifty AcuraLInk app which I was not able to test and demo in this video unfortunately. Hopefully I will have a video on that app out sometime later.
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