2015 Acura MDX Rear Seat Entertainment System

Can you fit three child seats in the back? Can an adult sit in the front seat with a rearward facing convertible seat behind them?

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Join me as I take an in-depth look at the wide screen rear entertainment system that is standard in the top-end 2015 Acura MDX. Unlike many companies, Acura bundles the RSE system with the “Technology and Entertainment Package” and the “Advance and Entertainment Package” models in both FWD and SH-AWD equipped models. In an additional twist there are two different RSE systems, the Technology package gets a 9-inch LCD system and the Advance package gets a 16.2-inch widescreen LCD that has picture-by-picture capability. The widescreen version still has just one in-dash DVD player, but it is capable of displaying HDMI, USB and other inputs on half of the display. The system also includes two IR headphones.
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