2018/2019 Mazda6 Turbo | Can It Compete?

It’s been a while since Mazda offered a turbo engine in their flagship sedan but the wait is now over. In addition to swiping the 2.5L turbo engine from the CX-9, Mazda decided to bring us a new top-end trim with improved interior materials, real wood trim and more. Just don’t call it a Mazda Millenia.

EDIT: Since this video was filmed Mazda has released CarPlay and Android Auto support for the infotainment system. We will be shooting an updated video on that ASAP.

Going head-to-head with the new V6 Camry and 2.0L turbo Accord is no small matter, and here is where the Mazda lets us down just a little. But with solid good looks, excellent driving dynamics and more power than before it’s still worth a look.

(And before you ask, yes, in America it’s Mah-z-dah. AKA the way Mazda pronounces their own name on this continent. The moment Mazda makes commercials where they pronounce their name as they do across the pond, I’ll adapt my pronunciation.)

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