2018 Cadillac CT6 PHEV Plug In Hybrid Review and Comparison

Looking for a Caddy with a plug? Or perhaps a luxury-performance Chevy Volt? GM has a car for that: the new 2018 CT6 Plug-in Hybrid. For Cadillac’s second PHEV they went back to the drawing board creating an all-new rear wheel drive hybrid transmission that shares some themes with the Volt and ELR but also tosses in some major innovations to allow extended EV driving as well as better efficiency and performance when operating as a standard hybrid. Then they bolted it up to their 2.0L turbo engine for swift 0-60 runs and 25 MPG combined. The only downside? Cadillac is dipping their toes into this segment so for the moment you can only get your CT6 PHEV one way and that way doesn’t include Super Cruise of some of Caddy’s other snazzy features. Maybe next year?

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