2018 Chevrolet Equinox First Drive Review | In 4K UHD!

For 2018 Chevy put the Equinox crossover on a crash diet, shrinking it from a Kia Sorento-sized crossover to direct RAV4 and CR-V competitor. In the process they shaved over four *hundred* pounds of curb weight from the vehicle making the new Equinox one of the lightest in the segment. The light curb weight and a new family of turbocharged engines (including the segment’s only diesel at the moment) make the Equinox one of the sportiest compact CUVs on the market. Toss in an interior that’s towards the top of the pack, a new focus on safety and an aggressive base price and the Equinox is a strong contender. Can it dethrone the Honda CR-V which is all-new for 2017? That remains to be seen.

0-30 : Not Tested
0-60 : 9.5 Seconds
1/4 Mile : Not Tested
60-0 Braking : 116 Feet

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