2018 Kia Stinger Full Review & Comparisons – In 4K

The Stinger is officially the best car I drove in 2017. Not because it’s the best handling, or fastest car, or most luxurious car I drove last year but because the Stinger raises the bar for affordable performance vehicles. It’s both practical and fun to drive, it’s comfortable yet affordable and most importantly, it’s attainable with the base model starting at $32,000 (right around the average new car in America) while the fire-breathing twin-turbo V6 model can be had for a reasonable $38,350.

I doubt too many shoppers will be lured away from the traditional European luxury brands, and that’s a pity because they will have no idea that they are over-paying for their A5 Sportback, 440i Gran Coupe or C43 AMG. Perhaps more impressive than that statement is the realization that the Kia Stinger is quite simply better than the Q50, Lexus IS or Acura TLX.

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