2018 Lexus LS 500 Review and Comparison

Nearly 30 years ago Toyota rocked the luxury car world by creating an all-new luxury brand and an all-new flagship sedan: the first Lexus LS. The LS was a game changer, not just because it quickly became a reliability legend, but because it proved that making a luxury car was about precision craftsmanship, not just snazzy parts. Over the years Lexus never forgot the reliability portion of the equation, but arguably the last generation LS left some of the “luxury” on the back burner. For the 5th generation LS however Lexus put luxury trappings, gadgets, gizmos and engine power high on the priority list without forgetting the value proposition that the LS has always brought to the table. So whether you’re shopping for the best buy in the full-size luxury segment or just the best Lexus ever, the 2018 LS 500 is the car for you.

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