2018 Toyota C-HR Review and Road Test In 4K UHD!

Whether you call the C-HR a crossover or a hatchback, whether you want to call it a Toyota or reminisce about Scion, the C-HR is unquestionably one of the best values under 172 inches long. The “un-crossover” badge is the result of the American market C-HR not being available with AWD, although for some reason a hybrid and a turbo model with AWD are available in other countries. Go figure. The truth of course is that most CUV shoppers opt for front wheel drive anyway in order to save fuel.

Whether or not the C-HR is a crossover, it also manages to me one of the best handling subcompact vehicles in America thanks to an elegant rear suspension and oddly wide tires in the base model. But can it beat the Mazda CX-3 in sportiness or the Kia Soul in hatchiness?

0-30 : 3.2 Seconds
0-60 : 9.5 Seconds
1/4 Mile : 17.2 Sec @ 82 MPH
60-0 Braking : 118 Feet

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