2020 Ford Explorer ST Review | The Mustang Of CUVs

Ford has dabbled with performance crossovers before, but the last Explorer Sport wasn’t as sporty as most of us had hoped. Thankfully the Explorer ST for 2020 is an entirely different animal. The big change isn’t the twin-turbo engine, not is it really the power level which comes in at a healthy 400. It’s the transmission that’s key to the ST’s new found performance. Ford’a 10-speed RWD transmission can handle far more power than the transmission in the Edge ST or last gen Explorer Sport and that’s why this Explorer is considerably faster. How fast? Try 5.1 seconds 0-60. While that’s not as fast as a Durango SRT, the Explorer is more nimble, more fun to toss around and considerably less expensive. Does that make this the Mustang of crossovers? Perhaps…

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