2021 Toyota Sienna | Will It Bacon?

Toyota says the Sienna’s optional onboard inverter is good for 1500W, so that begs the question: can I nuke bacon in the second row? Let’s find out.

Video Transcript:

one of the advantages to a hybrid system
is that the motor generator units under
the hood can generate an awful lot more
than the typical vehicle’s alternator
and toyota lets you use some of that
power by giving us an optional 1500 watt
onboard alternator that’s not quite as
snazzy as the upcoming ford f-150 that
promises to allow you to run a demo
hammer and a cement mixer at the same
but it should be enough to power this
small microwave it’s also powering the
lights that we’re using to help film
this episode
if you get the top end trim the sienna
then you also get a small refrigerator
unit integrated into the center console
i’ll show you a picture of that right
here this model doesn’t have it so i
just had to reach into the freezer at
home and grab some frozen bacon
so what else should we be trying in our
microwave sienna test
then bacon let’s just go ahead and pop
that in there
set it for one minute
and uh the car hasn’t blown up yet so we
are successfully microwaving our bacon
don’t worry you’re not forced to
microwave from the second row because
there’s a second outlet back here in the
cargo area
and they deliver again that combined
1500 watts
let’s see how we’re doing oh bacon needs
a little bit longer i like my bacon
moderately crispy so in we go again
obviously there’s a certain ridiculous
novelty in cooking bacon
in your minivan i guess you could if you
really wanted to but
more practical applications for this
would of course be game consoles
or if you were going to go camping and
you wanted to put a small refrigerator
in the back of your minivan something
along those lines you definitely could
if the factory refrigerator wasn’t large
enough of course if you had a short-term
power outage at home you can also power
lights with your minivan

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