A Rolling Dinosaur or The Last Real Lux SUV? | 2020/2021 Lexus GX 460

Rugged and reliable? Or as old as time itself? You could say both of the Lexus GX 460. The current generation dates back to 2009, or really to 2003 if you want to be technical about the 2010 model year “refresh” and that presents a sting of pros and cons depending on your perspective. There are very few body on frame SUVs in the luxury segment, even fewer with naturally aspirated engines, yet fewer with a focus on off-road ability and really just one that combines that with a sterling reliability reputation: the GX. But there’s a problem: It really does feel as old as it is. No CarPlay or Android Auto, few of the luxury gadgets you’d find in an X5 or GLE, and handling that’s more ponderous than a small pickup.

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