Ford’s New 2021 F-150: More of Everything, Including Hybrid Power

The biggest launch of the year has arrived! Ford sells as many F-150s as five car companies combined, which means this new truck has big shoes to fill. In addition to the gas- and diesel-powered models, the 2021 F-150 gets a hybrid variant for the first time and it promises a blend of power and efficiency plus cool gadgets to make the truck more useful at work. The F-150 is also able to accept over-the-air updates, meaning you’ll visit the service center less to keep your truck up to date.

What about the Raptor you ask? Not to worry because a new one is coming later. Ford hasn’t said what’s under the hood and how extensive its suspension changes but we suspect it’s a further evolution of the current formula. Word around is that there’s a new V8-powered Raptor coming too, which should help it compete with the bonkers Ram TRX.

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