Ford’s Super Duty Tremor Isn’t A Super-Sized Raptor

The Ford Super Duty Tremor is NOT a heavy duty Raptor. Think of this beast as a more real world-focused truck with a lot of capability when the pavement ends. Unlike the Ram PowerWagon, the Tremor isn’t as singularly focused on crawling over big rocks and trails. This truck is still a viable daily driver, meaning it’s not as compromised as its tough looks may lead you to think.

This truck is aimed at the truck buyer that needs an off-road capable truck for work. All of the towing and hauling capabilities you expect out of a 3/4- to 1-ton truck is still here, you just get better performance on the dirt.

0 to 60: 7.2 seconds
60 to 0: 161 feet
Cabin Noise: A-; 72 dB

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