More Than Most, Less Than Some | 2021 Lexus RC F

If you’re looking at the Lexus RC F and think it’s a competitor to the Mercedes-AMG C63, BMW M4, and Audi RS 5, that’s not the case. Think of the RC F as a vehicle that slots between these hard-edged Germans and their six-cylinder counterparts. That’s not to say the RC F lacks substance, though. Behind that angular mug is a sports car with lots of soul and character.

Part of the RC F’s charm comes from the 5.0-liter V8 under its hood. This high-revving engine is one of the last of its kind and distinguishes the RC F from other performance coupes every time you put your foot down on the accelerator. To make the RC F even more of a hoot are suspension and steering tuned for sharpness and engagement, meaning you’ll feel connected to the car every time you turn the wheel.

The best part about the RC F is that it’s one of the few performance cars you won’t have to worry much about. With Toyota and Lexus’ strong reputation for reliability, you can count of this V8-powered wonder to last a long time and require very little maintenance.

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