Reinventing The SUV | 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban

Bigger is always better, and to prove the point Chevy stretched the Tahoe’s body nearly 7 inches, legroom over 10 inches, and bumped cargo room by a whopping 66%. In addition to being larger in just about every dimension, the new Tahoe has an all-new independent suspension design that checkmates Ford’s Expedition. In addition to delivering a more composed ride than before, the Tahoe and Suburban can be equipped with a combination of air suspension and MagneRide dampers that deliver the smoothest ride in a full-size SUV on sale today. Chevy tossed in their 10-speed automatic transmission standard, and if you’d rather burn oil, you’ll be able to opt for GM’s excellent 3.0L diesel engine later this year. My only complaint? The base engine could use a bit more shove.

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