Still Waiting For The New Golf | 2020 Volkswagen Golf Review

Hatchback lovers will have to wait a while if they want to get their hands on the latest Volkswagen Golf. For now, we’re stuck with the current generation model for another year, which isn’t a bad thing. The Golf remains a practical option for those wanting additional cargo space and a pleasant driving experience despite its age. For those wanting one as an affordable commuter car, though, this may be your last chance. Word has it that Volkswagen won’t bring the standard Golf to the U.S. leaving just the GTI and Golf R as your only options. Should you act on it though? Does the Golf still compete well against its rivals from Japan and Korea?

0 to 60: 7.8 seconds
60 to 0: 122 feet
Cabin Noise: A-; 72 dB

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