Swansong Edition | 2020 Toyota 86

Now likely in its final year before the second generation model arrives, the Toyota 86 remains an attractive starting point for those who want to get their first taste of what driving a sports car is like. Capable on and off the track, the 86 and its twin, the Subaru BRZ, are great first time tools for learning how to drive spiritedly thanks to its telepathic steering and exceptional chassis balance. However, there’s just one big quibble with this drift-happy RWD coupe: the engine’s lack of torque. Will that make you wait for the next iteration or are you able to get past that and enjoy making the car scream to redline every moment you’re behind the wheel?

0 to 60: 7.5 seconds (6-speed auto)
60 to 0: 114 feet
Cabin Noise: B; 74 dB

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