Swansong With A Hatch | 2020 Toyota Yaris Hatch

For its last and final year, the Toyota Yaris gets a hatchback variant. Yes, you read that right, Toyota added a new body style as the last hurrah for its smallest and least expensive car. Unlike the Yaris found in Europe, Asia, and other global markets, the one sold in the U.S. and Canada is technically a rebadged Mazda2 with a different face. Everything from the infotainment system to the mechanical bits are all Mazda, meaning this little munchkin is quite entertaining to drive even with only 106 hp. For the money, though, it’s a great deal, especially when you consider the long list of standard features you get, which includes forward-collision warning and front automatic emergency braking. Should you run to your Toyota dealership and get one before they’re completely gone? Let’s find out.

0 to 60 mph: 9.3 seconds
60 to 0: 123 feet
Cabin Noise: C-; 74.5 dB

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