The Baby-Benz Has Grown Up | 2020 Mercedes Benz CLA 250

With the A-Class now sold in North America, you may be wondering where does this put the second-generation Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class? Easy, it’s the second entry-level model in the brand’s car range that targets a more style-conscious consumer. That, however, will cost you more because the base CLA 250 is slightly more expensive than the A 220. In terms of size, the CLA-Class is only slightly longer and wider than the A-Class but we’re splitting hairs here despite the former looking longer.

The CLA‘s additional price does bring with it some extra performance, though. Mercedes’ 2.0-liter turbo-four is rated for 221 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque in this application and is paired to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. In comparison, the A 220 is good for 188 hp and 221 lb-ft. That’s 33 hp and 37 lb-ft less than the CLA 250. At least both cars are offered with AWD.

In typical Mercedes fashion, getting carried away with the options means your CLA 250’s sticker price will quickly balloon to nearly $60,000. With that said, does this more grown up second generation of Mercedes’ compact coupe-like sedan justify its place in the lineup? Does it still compete with the usual suspects like the Audi A3 and Acura ILX? Let’s take a closer look.

0 to 60 mph: 6.2 seconds
60 to 0: 112 feet
Cabin noise: A ; 71.5 dB

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