The Fuel Sipping Three Row | 2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid finally has a competitor in the form of the Kia Sorento Hybrid. Available only in the S or EX flavors, the Sorento Hybrid is strong in value and packs the latest driver assistance and multimedia technologies you expect out of Kia. Unlike its Toyota competitor, the Sorento Hybrid’s powertrain does things a little differently, featuring a turbocharged engine, a conventional geared transmission, and only one drivetrain configuration: FWD only. If you’re looking for AWD, Kia will offer you a 261-hp Sorento PHEV in summer 2021, which will get it standard.

Despite being smaller, the Sorento somehow manages to offer similar interior space as the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Wil that and the value play make you overlook the fact that the Sorento Hybrid is FWD only?

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