The Plug-In You’ve Been Waiting For | 2021 RAV4 Prime Review Part 1

The 2021 RAV4 Prime is the third time the RAV has received a plug. but the first time that plug has accompanied a hybrid drivetrain or AWD. Toyota’s newest green car is also a seismic shift for the brand’s hybrids, which have so far been focused on efficiency rather than performance. The Prime on the other hand is the RAV with 42 miles of EV range (best in segment) and 302 horsepower (also best in segment) that combine to give a claimed 5.7 second sprint to 60…

0:00 Exterior
3:37 Ground Clearance
4:00 Active Safety
4:24 Engine / PHEV System
6:54 Seats / Interior room
8:23 Cargo Test
9:43 Interior Deep-dive
15:16 Pricing

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