This Is The Wagon You Want | 2021 Volvo V90

When you say wagon, Volvo immediately comes to mind because the brand’s heritage is synonymous with the body style. The V90 is the brand’s largest low-slung, long-roofed model. There’s room for the family and, like every modern Volvo, is so tastefully styled it oozes Scandinavian flair.

The Volvo V90 ain’t your grandpa’s wagon, either. There’s a powerful boosted four-cylinder under the hood and available AWD to help put all that power to good use. Should you fancy a rugged version, Volvo also offers a V90 Cross Country with over 8.0 inches of ground clearance. Is the V90 the wagon you really want though?

0 to 60: 5.5 seconds
60 to 0: 109 feet
Cabin Noise: B; 72 dB

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