Towing, Battery Cooling, Range & More | RAV4 Prime Questions Answered

We take a thorough look at the Toyota RAV4 Prime’s plug-in hybrid system and answer all of your questions about it. The RAV4 Prime is unique because it’s the most powerful electrified Toyota available. With 302 hp combined and a 0 to 60 mph time of 5.7 seconds, the only vehicle quicker than the RAV4 Prime is the Supra. That’s not all. The RAV4 Prime can also travel 42 miles in EV mode before depleting its 17.0-kWh battery, which is mounted under the passenger floor. You don’t sacrifice much because the Primes EPA fuel economy ratings are nearly similar to them RAV4 Hybrid’s and it can do almost 600 miles with a full tank and a charge.

So, how does the RAV4 Prime achieve all of this? A lot of clever engineering to make sure it can do everything that’s expected out of it. Long distance driving? We discuss that. Battery cooling? Yup. Towing? You bet! This means you don’t compromise much by getting an electrified compact crossover because it’s able to everything you expect out of it and then some. Let’s take a closer look at the RAV4 Prime to see how it’s so well-rounded and why it’s one of the most desirable vehicles today.

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