Toyota’s Supra Gets More (And Less) Power For 2021

For 2021, Toyota just made the Supra more attainable and powerful at the same time. The new four-cylinder variant joins the lineup as the new entry point to the Supra family while the six-cylinder variant gets a power bump from 335 to 382 hp. Sorry early adopters, Toyota just made your vehicle less desirable while expanding its accessibility.

Call the Toyota Supra what you want but there’s one thing that it truly is: an extremely fun car to drive. Regardless of which engine you have under the hood, the Supra’s driving dynamics are superb and it’ll always bring a smile to your face every time you’re behind the wheel. Purists may cringe at the thought of a Supra with less than six cylinders but in reality, it’s likely to be a blast to drive thanks to its lighter weight and better balance. For the money, the Supra is a strong performance value, giving you a lot of bang for your buck.

There’s also a new A91 special edition model based on the six-cylinder model complete with unique design cues to distinguish it from other Supras. Like the 2020 Supra lineup’s Launch Edition model, the 2021 A91 Edition will be production limited to 1,000 units in total.

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