Whatever It Is, It’s A Good Deal | 2020 Nissan Kicks

Although the Nissan Kicks isn’t as packed with personality as the Juke it replaced, there’s still plenty to love here. For starters, the Kicks is still funky, allowing it to stand out, especially in striking colors and two-tone schemes. The price is also right; you can get a loaded Kicks for under $25,000, a steal considering average new vehicle prices hover close to $40,000. That value proposition grows even stronger when you consider that the Kicks gets goodies like a surround-view camera system and a full suite of driver assistance features. Call it a crossover, a lifted hatchback, or even a subcompact car; whichever one you prefer, the Kicks is definitely a good deal.

0 to 60: 9.7 secons
60 to 0: 125 feet
Cabin Noise:  B+; 73 dB

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