Which Goes Farther? | Taycan vs Mach E Range Test

We finally range test the Porsche Taycan 4S alongside the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The results may surprise you because one car may have been extremely underrated by its automaker. This is the second of our range test and thanks to one of our viewers for providing us with a Taycan 4S. Before watching the video you should keep a few things in mind, the Ford has the bigger battery by a hair, but both are large by modern EV standards with capacities well above the Model 3 and Model Y and more compatible to a long range Tesla Model S. The Ford is trying its hardest to be a 2-row crossover rather than a sleek 2-door coupe and the Porsche? Well, it’s kind of an electric Panamera in form. This test was run on US-101 in California at higher speeds than some of our testing which seems to give the Porsche a slight advantage.

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