You Might Even Forget It’s FWD… – 2020 Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R is one of the best hot hatches available because it does nearly everything well. Want to run a race track or an autocross? No problem. your favorite canyon roads? Easy. The daily commute? Yup. In fact, the Civic Type R is so good it can be your only vehicle to do everything from slogging through traffic to slicing through that road course or twisty mountain pass. Provided you’re fine rowing your own gears that is.

Unlike some of its key competitors, the Civic Type R is FWD only. However, you’d hardly notice it because this hot hatch doesn’t move like a your typical front-drive sport compact. So much so you may forget it only puts the power down through the front wheels only. Even with 306-hp from its 2.0-liter turbo-four, there’s barely any torque steer and power gets to the road without any drama. This goes to show just how well-executed this hot hatch is.

Being a hatchback, the Civic Type R is as practical as it is powerful. Underneath the extroverted looks and the giant wing is a practical vehicle that can comfortably fit four and haul IKEA impulse shopping. It’s comfortable too. Even in +R mode, the Civic Type R’s suspension and adaptive dampers never get harsh. Heck, you can even daily drive it in that mode if you’d like!

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